Dr. Sophie McCoy

Assistant Professor

Lang Early Career Fellow, Phycological Society of America

Voices For Science Policy Fellow, American Geophysical Union

I am a community ecologist with broad interests in ecology, evolution, physiology, and environmental chemistry.  My research focuses on primary producers, and links between ecophysiology, environmental conditions and water chemistry.  

I use a combination of field and laboratory methods to study natural variability in populations, responses of individuals, species, and communities to climate change and pollution, and feedbacks between biology and water chemistry

Read more about specific projects here.

email: mccoy(at)bio.fsu.edu  

office: King 4060

phone: (850) 644-1549​


office: Coastal & Marine Lab Admin Bldg 111

phone: (850) 697-4099

lab:  Coastal & Marine Lab 11

Randi Bowman

PhD Student, Co-advised with Sandra Brooke (CML)

I am broadly interested in studying how biodiversity affects ecosystem functioning in coral ecosystems. For my PhD research, I will use a combination of observational, field, and lab studies to identify and predict spatial and temporal shifts in coral functional diversity in response to anthropogenic stressors. My goal is to determine which aspects of functional diversity are key to maintaining high levels of coral ecosystem functioning in the face of regular disturbance regimes.


email: rbowman(at)bio.fsu.edu  

Ethan Cissell

PhD Candidate

I am interested in trophic interactions in complex microbial communities, especially top-down controls. My research explores how the relative influence and identity of top-down forces are altered by global change. For my dissertation, I am exploring how altered interactions between bacteriophages and bacteria influence the growth and persistence of cyanobacterial mat communities.


email: ecissell(at)bio.fsu.edu  

Abigail Engleman

PhD Candidate, Co-advised with Sandra Brooke (CML)

I am a Ph.D. student interested in alleviating anthropogenic damage to coral reef ecosystems. My research is particularly focused on reestablishing ecosystem function, which is lost when coral is broken or killed. Through 3D printing Artificial Settlement Modules, I hope to restore structural complexity to reef ecosystems, improve coral larvae settlement, and thus improve ecosystem function on physically disturbed reefs. 

email: aengleman(at)bio.fsu.edu  

Jacob Ephron

PhD Student

I am broadly interested in how anthropogenic stressors affect marine invertebrate fisheries on a population level. I earned my BS in Biology at Haverford College outside of Philadelphia, PA. My past research has varied from studying range expansion in Arctic Killer Whale populations to investigating the combined effects of ocean acidification and climate change on sea anemones.

email: je20bq(at)my.fsu.edu  

Josh Manning

PhD Candidate

Parrotfishes are extremely important herbivores and bioeroders on coral reefs. My current PhD dissertation research focuses on the role of parrotfish behaviors in determining spatial patterns in benthic community structure and bioerosion on the fringing coral reefs of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

email: jcm17e(at)my.fsu.edu  

Sean McCollum

PhD Student

I am interested in how marine invertebrate physiology and behavior is impacted by shifts in coastal ecosystems. Particularly, I am interested in the direct and indirect effects of ocean acidification on reef-associated invertebrates. I earned my BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz where I researched the functional composition and diversity of invertebrate zooplankton communities off the coast of Santa Catalina Island, CA.

email: sm20jb(at)fsu.my.edu

Joining the laboratory


I am looking for motivated and curious scholars with an interest in linking organism physiology to community ecology and function.  

Please visit the Opportunities & Expectations page to learn more.

Please note - due to current restrictions on lab occupancy, I am not currently accepting DIS students. Please check back for updates in Summer 2021.

Lab alumni


Penelope Ales, BA Biological Science & DIS Student '17, Lab Tech, FSU

Anthony Sogluizzo, Lab Tech, FSU

Undergraduate Students

 Abigail Baker, FSU

Isabelle Basden, FSU

Troy Broomes, FSU



Joh'Nyra Bryant, FSU


Maria De Jesus, FSU

Michelle Dziewit, Texas A&M



Samina Fuller, FSU

Graduate Students

Kirsten Seal, MSc Applied Marine Science '15,

Plymouth University

Elizabeth Elliot, MSc Environmental Consultancy '15,

Plymouth University

Undergraduate Students

Shelby Graziani, FSU

Jess Henson, FSU

Lena Kury, FSU



Alie MacVicar, Lehigh University

Joseph Portillo, FSU

Sarah Stoppelman, FSU

TyLeah Tebbenkamp, FSU

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