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New paper out: Effects of remote proctoring software on science undergraduates

Excited that

this paper has come out from my collaborative work with the NSF-funded EDU-STEM network!

We studied student concerns about the use of remote proctoring software, which was commonly used during the pandemic and is still used in a variety of online and in person courses today. We assessed this using results from a survey to 11 undergraduate science courses engaged in remote instruction during the spring of 2021, spanning three American, public, research-focused institutions. The majority of students experienced technological difficulties, fears of wrongful cheating accusations, and negative mental health impacts from the use of proctoring software.

Read the full study:

Pokorny, A, CJ Ballen, AG Drake, E Driessen, S Fagbodun, B Gibbens, J Henning, SJ McCoy, S Thompson, C Willis, and AK Lane (2023). “Out of my control”: Science undergraduates report mental health concerns and inconsistent conditions when using remote proctoring software. International Journal for Educational Integrity, 19: 22. [OPEN ACCESS]

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