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New paper out: Coprophagy in Caribbean parrotfishes

In our new publication in Ecology (, we identify coprophagy (fecal consumption) as an important pathway for nutrient acquisition in Caribbean parrotfishes, complimenting a recent study by Rempel et al. (2022). In 4 of 5 species we observed, most fish consumed feces of planktivorous Chromis spp. Princess parrotfish were the most voracious fecal feeders, while stoplight parrotfish were never observed eating excrement. We concluded that feces are an important nutritional source to parrotfishes, despite being a relatively infrequent target of foraging (<4% total bites).

Manning, JC, and SJ McCoy (2022). Coprophagy in Caribbean parrotfishes. Ecology. doi:10.1002/ecy.3657

Photo by Josh Manning.

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